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Hi, I'm Chantal, a stationery designer and I live with my husband and our dog Charly in Staufen - right in the heart of Aargau.  


Paper, typography and stationery have fascinated and inspired me since I was little. I am in love with detail - silk ribbons, seals and bows give me great pleasure and make me feel happy. It always amazes me how small details cause big changes and emotions.  


On the one hand, I am a very nature-loving person, recharge my batteries on long walks with Charly and let myself be inspired by nature. On the other hand, I am also enthusiastic about the big world - my love belongs to New York City. The distinctive architecture and the magical feeling that the city gives me is breathtaking and unique for me.  


In addition to creativity on paper, I also like to live it out in my kitchen. I love to cook for my family and friends in different and diverse ways and to forget the time together in a relaxed atmosphere.  


When it comes to designing your individual stationery, I put my heart and soul into it, so my perfectionism can quickly come to the fore. It is very important to me that my customers are happy and that I can fulfill all their wishes.


I am happy that I can realize my long-awaited dream and live out my creativity for you every day. 



Charly - assistant for all cases. 

My specialty includes long naps, endless amounts of food and constant cuddles...


Favorite food: honey rolls

Favorite place: in the sun

What drives me crazy: the postman



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