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Are you celebrating a milestone birthday, are you expecting children or are you

celebrate another event?

Then you are in the right place with me! I am happy to design your stationery for the respective occasion with an individual design with great attention to detail. Especially in today's digital world, invitations or birth announcements on paper have become much more important!

Have I piqued your interest? If you would like an individual event stationery, then you are welcome to contact me.


I look forward to your message!


During an initial introductory meeting, your individual needs will be recorded and discussed. You can tell me about your wishes and we will put your ideas down on paper together.  

We define material, style and details. Your event stationery should suit you and your occasion and be personal.

Each stationery is a unique production with a lot of loving handwork. The prices are therefore made up individually of design, material, printing costs and details such as ribbons, seals, etc.


I would be happy to make an offer for you personally. I am convinced that we can find a suitable solution for every budget. 


After your approval, I will create various design proposals and together we will create the stationery that is unique for you. Selected typography, high-quality paper and special details give your stationery its own unmistakable touch.  


The next step is to print your stationery. I carry out the quality control and in the last step I will assemble your stationery with a lot of love.


I will do handicrafts such as tearing edges, tying bows or attaching wax seals in my studio.  


I will be happy to send you the finished stationery by post or we can make an appointment to collect it from my studio.


I'm already looking forward to seeing you!

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